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Nanny Contracts: Game-Changing Announcement

We have exciting news to share! There has been a recent game-changing development that has the potential to revolutionize nanny work. In this post, we will discuss the recent announcement from the US Dept of Labor, the importance of nanny contracts, and the benefits they offer to both nannies and employers. Whether you are a nanny seeking stability or an employer looking for a transparent working relationship, this information is invaluable. Let’s dive in!

Nanny Contracts: Game-Changing Announcement

Why Nanny Contracts Matter

Nanny contracts are essential documents that outline the terms and conditions of employment between nannies and employers. They provide a clear framework for expectations, responsibilities, and compensation, creating a strong foundation for a successful working relationship. Without a contract in place, misunderstandings and disputes can arise, leading to unnecessary stress and strain for both parties involved. In some cases, the working relationship dissolves over misunderstandings that could easily have been clarified with a written agreement.

By having a well-drafted nanny contract, both nannies and employers can protect their rights and ensure that everyone is on the same page from the start. The contract should cover various aspects such as work hours, duties, compensation, benefits, vacation time, sick leave, inclement weather leave, termination clauses, and more. It serves as a reference point and promotes open communication, fostering a positive work environment.

The Benefits for Nannies

  1. Job Security:
    • Clearly defines the duration of employment.
    • Outlines terms for termination, ensuring stability for the nanny.
  2. Duties and Responsibilities:
    • Details the specific duties and responsibilities of the nanny, minimizing ambiguity.
  3. Compensation and Benefits:
    • Clearly outlines compensation terms.
    • Specifies benefits such as overtime pay, health insurance, and vacation time.
    • Provides financial security and peace of mind for the nanny.
  4. Professional Development:
    • Addresses opportunities for professional growth.
    • Includes provisions for attending childcare-related workshops or conferences.
    • Demonstrates the employer’s commitment to enhancing the nanny’s skills and marketability.

The Benefits for Employers

Employers also reap significant advantages from utilizing nanny contracts. The contract establishes a clear framework for their expectations, ensuring their specific requirements are met. It sets boundaries and defines the scope of the nanny’s responsibilities, preventing misunderstandings and potential disagreements. The first thing a nanny is likely to do when the expectations of their employer are in question is to pull out their contract and review it for clarification.

Furthermore, the contract protects employers in case of any breach of terms by the nanny. It includes clauses for termination, notice periods, and grounds for dismissal, safeguarding employers’ rights and minimizing legal risks.

Moreover, the contract serves as a tool for open communication and problem-solving. Any concerns or changes can be addressed through contract amendments, maintaining transparency, and fostering a positive work environment that ultimately benefits everyone, including the children receiving care.

A Game-Changing Announcement

Now, for the exciting announcement!

Earlier this year, members of Hand in Hand, alongside workers and staff from NDWA met with the federal Department of Labor to advise them on written contracts, and brand new templates are now live on the DOL website. On December 11th, the acting secretary, Julie Su moderated a conversation between Hand in Hand employer and domestic worker, along with Executive Director of Hand in Hand Stacy Kono. The live video conversation was held with domestic workers and community organizers nationwide to introduce this amazing news.


In conclusion, nanny contracts are instrumental in establishing a solid foundation for a successful working relationship between nannies and employers. They offer numerous benefits, including job security, clear expectations, financial stability, and legal protection. Families employing domestic workers may have little experience as employers. They may not understand their legal responsibilities, their employees’ rights, and best practices for maintaining a high-quality, healthy, and safe employment environment.

With the introduction of the sample contracts for domestic workers from the US Dept of Labor, this important line of work has received long overdue recognition.

We are excited to empower nannies and employers alike, offering a tool to increase long-term successful work arrangements. Take the first step towards a transparent and harmonious working relationship by utilizing the power of nanny contracts!

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