For Families

Its an honor to share with you our corporate recruiting philosophy and 20 years of experience in the in-home childcare space. We believe that by engaging our firm, your family or company gains the comparative and cumulative advantage as a consumer in this market. We are also a woman and mother-owned business rounded out by a team with corporate executive experience as well as having been former nannies, tutors and teachers.

Working with Us

Your relationship with child care may last from pre-birth (research), to infant care (goes fast), to toddler-hood (exciting), to pre-school (educational), to school age (busy!) and as with many of our clients who remain with us through all these stages, we look forward to making the journey with you of meeting your child care needs, whether for last minute or long term care. 

What to Expect

As a resource we are here to answer your questions first and foremost. If you decide to engage our firm you will become a member to access ongoing sitting services, or you will pay a search fee which includes membership to backup care (you never know when you’ll need a sitter). Our office team is close-knit and we work together on each and every case.  As your family evolves, the team member you work with will depend on the definition of your current need. 

Long-term Care

Includes part and full time shifts, with a typical commitment of 12 months.

Backup Care

Temp care from as little as 4 hours to a few months depending on your needs.

Corporate & Event Care

From big or small events to company benefits – we’ve got you covered.

Applicant Screening Process


Application & Interview

We invite select candidates to take the following steps. Submit resume for review, conduct a phone screen, complete our online application and visit our offices for an in-person meeting.


Background Check

We screen the candidates background to the greatest extent allowable by the Fair Labor & Credit Reporting Act, plus more. Click here to see a visual (iceberg) of just how extensive this process is. 


Onboarding & Orientation

Prior to you meeting with our candidates, they complete in-office training. This includes expectations for the behavior and protocols for Professional Caregivers. Work place safety and development workshops are offered on a continuing basis.


Ready to Meet!

Candidates have unofficially been "put through the wringer"; and officially ready to meet with and play a supporting role to families in need of child care and house hold help.

About Us

Discounts for Our Partners' Employees 

We offer discounts to employees of our local corporate partners. Whether you're seeking long term care or Back-Up care, contact us to learn more.