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Schedule a Needs Analysis

A placement specialist will conduct an in-depth family interview to best understand your unique needs. They will advise on interview guidelines, compliancy, benefits, PTO, contract drafting, and employee retention. The fee of $425 is due at scheduling. Plan for 45-60 minutes for your consultation.


Meet Candidates

Seattle Nanny Network is a community of career professionals, many of whom return to us over years (even decades) for their next job. Our candidates are internal recruits and you will begin seeing comprehensive profiles within days (not weeks or months) of your consultation. Our team will set you up for success with guidelines on interviewing based on our nearly 30 years of industry experience. 


Make an Offer!

We’ll help you to draft, present, and negotiate acceptance of an offer letter with an outline of job duties and expectations. Our third-party guidance makes your transition to becoming an employer seamless. (Please note that given the current market conditions, it may be necessary to make more than one offer before landing on a candidate). We are here to guide you through it all. 


Remove Your Candidate from the Open Market

Once your candidate has accepted and you have reviewed and approved of all due diligence, it is time to remove your nanny from our candidate pool. At Seattle Nanny Network, we offer a choice of placement fee packages on a sliding scale, so you’ll be able to review your options and select the one that works for you. This finders fee is due at time of mutual acceptance.


Ongoing Support

After your new caregiver has accepted your offer and the placement is complete, our work is far from over. We will revisit you at the 60 day mark for an employee evaluation.  We offer ongoing training, professional development, customized employee retention with a Family Therapist when necessary. There is no additional cost for these services as it is all included. Should you require backup care for short or long durations while your nanny is in need of a day (or week) off, we will tap our internal network for sitters who can step in at a moments notice. 

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"I am a CEO in a very busy industry, so I panicked about finding good care. I talked to a couple of friends, both of whom recommended Seattle Nanny Network, but I was skeptical about the service being worth the price…I can say without a doubt that [it] was worth the fee we paid. You had prescreened, interviewed, and prequalified hundreds of candidates. I am confident that any busy family would find working with Seattle Nanny Network to be a good investment."
- Rebecca Pomering
CEO | Moss Adams Wealth Advisors, LLC

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we are a network of professionals

Expect to meet a different caliber of nanny through our agency. We hold the secret to finding that elusive, one in a million candidate. That is, we likely already have them within our community! Work with us and reduce search time while increasing the quality of candidates you meet. There is no limit to the number of candidates you can interview, however most clients make an offer after meeting the first one to three candidates.

lET OUR TEAM do the work

Its like having your own HR

Exceptional candidate pool

We eliminate the majority of candidates who apply and often do not post our jobs publicly as we are able to quickly fill openings with our internal pool of candidates. 

Candidates are put through the ringer

We screen the candidates’ background to the greatest extent allowable by the Fair Labor & Credit Reporting Act. In addition to the standard criminal, driver motor vehicle, social security, and work authorization clearances, we conduct an in-depth online review of social media content, posts and online behavior. All of this is provided to your family.  

Candidates have already completed onboarding and orientation

Our candidates are prepared to meet you. They have done an onboarding with our recruiting team, and are provided with specific data around your family’s needs and expectations. If you adhere to a certain parenting philosophy or have a favorite book, they will know about it before meeting you.

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