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Hiring a nanny is an important decision, and it’s one that you should not take lightly. Payrolling your nanny is the best way to ensure you comply with all the applicable labor laws and regulations. A payroll system also ensures that your nanny receives the correct wages and benefits in accordance with current legislation.

At Seattle Nanny Network, Inc., we understand that finding and setting up an official payroll for your nanny can be a difficult endeavor. That’s why we strive to make it seamless and simple with the help of Homepay, our preferred service provider. Continue exploring this page for more information about us and why you should put your nanny on an official nanny payroll in Washington (WA) state.

Why Payroll

Why Use a Nanny Payroll

When you put your nanny on a payroll, it ensures that they acquire the proper documents as an employee. Homepay’s services will take proper taxes and deductions out of each paycheck so that you never have to worry about receiving unexpected tax bills from the government.

Additionally, a payroll system will help you keep track of your nanny’s hours and ensure that they receive appropriate compensation for their services.

By placing your nanny on an official payroll, you also have the added benefit of access to certain tax credits. This can save you money in the long run and make hiring a nanny more affordable for you and your family.

Choose US

Why Choose Our Nanny Payroll Agency

Choosing Seattle Nanny Network, Inc. and Homepay gives you access to a system that is designed to make the payroll process simple and straightforward. Our team of experienced professionals will be on hand to answer any questions or provide support when needed. We strive to ensure that all our clients are receiving the best possible service with no surprises along the way.

For more information, or if you are ready to get started, get ahold of us today by calling (425) 803-9511 or by filling out our online contact form.

HomePay is the nation’s leader in comprehensive payroll and tax solutions for household employers. Their concierge-style service is built to help busy families looking to outsource the nuanced tax, payroll and HR process of household employment. Let HomePay take the work and worry off of your plate to allow you and your employee to enjoy the good stuff. A service overview and client reviews can be found here.

Our HomePay contact, Chelsea Mills, will be happy to provide a complimentary consultation and answer any questions that you may have.

Please follow this link here to get in touch! Kelsey can also ensure all Seattle Nanny Network clients receive their first month of service free!

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