Current Jobs

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Jobs change daily/weekly. We always have assignments (both long and short term) in the Seattle/Eastside areas. Less frequently we have opportunities as far south as Tacoma and as far north as Everett.

Apply early to get your file started so you’re ready when a position that interests you comes along!


How we Support You!


We Market You

Let the experts advise you on how to land the job of your dreams through resume building, interview tips and ongoing training.


Negotiate Your Benefits

We align your salary and benefits expectations to the clients budget.


Ongoing Training

Our work place safety and career enhancement training are a boost to your resume!


Networking Events

As former nannies we understand the importance of connections. We offer social and educational events for this purpose.


Resume Builder

To be a successful candidate, you must have a childcare resume. Download our easy to use resume builder to organize and share your professional experience with prospective families.

Learn how Seattle Nanny can simplify and support your job search