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we are proud to partner with members of the king county bar association

Working parents everywhere deserve a break. As a way of paying it forward, past members have negotiated exclusive benefits for current members which include waiving the Seattle Nanny Network’s consultation fee of $425. With proof of current membership, families are invited to onboard and launch a nanny search with no up-front fees. Find out how it works here

“Finding out about Seattle Nanny through the KCBA was invaluable in the search for childcare. Thanks to the extensive work that Seattle Nanny puts into vetting potential candidates and the attention placed on a family’s childcare needs, my husband and I were able to find a fantastic nanny with minimal stress. This process has alleviated much of the “return-to-work” anxiety that has cropped up as my leave comes to an end.” – Ashley Gomez, Attorney & Current KCBA Member







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