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Tips to Keeping a Good Nanny

More often than not, you have spent time and energy interviewing potential nannies and testing a limited handful. If fortunate, you’ve probably found a proper fit for your home. You then might get comfortable and relax assuming the hard part is done, but how do you keep your nanny? Read on to learn more.

Treat Them Like a Professional

The same way you might work from an office, your nanny considers your home as their office. This means you should consider your nanny’s work just as seriously as they do. Show them you are confident in their ability to perform their duties. On the off chance that you differ with their opinion, be respectful of how you address the matter.

For complaints and concerns, address them constructively and away from the children. Keep it professional โ€” stick to the issues in question and offer alternative solutions.

Have a Well-Defined Contract

Ensure the contract with your nanny lays out all expectations you have from them and vice versa. Guarantee that you can deliver on what you promise and follow through. Have the following items well detailed:

  • Job description
  • Pay and raise
  • Benefits
  • Work schedule
  • Termination procedure

Be sure to elaborate exactly how you prefer things done from how to discipline the kids to folding the laundry. This clarifies the working relationship from the get-go and ensures it starts off on the best foot.

Establish Trust

Similar to any other relationship, trust is key. Your nanny is handling your children, so trust your nanny. Always schedule a time to discuss any problematic matters. This gives you or your nanny the space to voice any available concerns.

Some rely on nanny cameras or tend to return home unexpectedly as ways to build nanny-parent trust. These options may or may not work. However, disclose if you plan to check on your nanny. Importantly, your nanny also needs to trust you. Stay true to your word and respect the work they do for your family.

Offer Recognition

You may not consider nannying as a conventional office job, but this doesn’t mean you should treat your nanny as a less valued or respected employee. Acknowledge your nanny and accord them the respect and recognition they deserve because they might decide to search for it elsewhere.

Appreciate your nanny for their work. Gestures can include allowing them to use your car on their day off or encouraging them to enjoy your entertainment subscriptions as they perform sitting duties. You could reward your nanny with off-days on their special days like birthdays or celebrate with them.

A simple thank you may as well do the job and make your nanny feel like a part of the family.

Have Open and Honest Communication

With time, as your nanny continues to grow into their parenting-partner role, remember that they have their own life. Let them know, if possible, in advance in case you’ll run late or in any way you may inconvenience them. Otherwise, always try to be home on time. Adhere to the working hours in your nanny’s contract.

Discuss with your nanny all aspects of the parenting you might want to adopt. Involve them in the creation of goals, and listen to their feedback or suggestions. You could go the extra mile and have a log to act as a communication journal.

Reimburse Expenses

Unexpected expenses are bound to occur, and at times, your nanny may pay for them out of their own pocket. Repay your nanny quickly. Your nanny might be on a tight budget, and your delay to reimburse them may not be the best move if you intend to keep your good nanny.

A good nanny may not be easy to find. Should you find one, consider them among the most important people in your life, as they influence your children daily. Follow the above tips to provide your nanny with the best work environment that makes them want to stay. Visitย our siteย today for all your future nanny needs.

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