Why Employment with Kids looks GREAT on a Resume

Working with kids is tough.  Working with their parents can be even tougher.  The skills you acquire with this experience translate well to just about any type of work you will ever do, and recruiters know it.

It speaks volumes about your candidacy for any job if you have done this type of work and done it well.  Work as a professional sitter, nanny, lifeguard, swim instructor, camp counselor, infant room teacher, preschool leader, before and after school care provider, or any number of additional roles sends a message to future employers that you have gained a unique skill set. 
You understand safety.  Keeping the most vulnerable members of our society safe is a huge responsibility.  The skills necessary to navigate a chaotic world come naturally to you.  You have learned how to think of others, not just yourself.
You are successful at multi-tasking. Learned while juggling the highly unpredictable needs of children.  A toddler teacher who is used to eleven tiny students all needing something different at the same time, knows a thing or two about management.
You are focused. In a world where attention spans are short, you have learned that children need constant engagement, and this ability to stay on task has prepared you for a variety of roles in the corporate world.
You have mastered the art of patience.  In fact, if you didn’t have it to begin with – you probably wouldn’t have “working with children” on your resume at all.  There are few things more trying than the repetition of a child asking “why?” or reading the same story over and over and over, or a child who stubbornly refuses to eat…or a parent who is overwhelmed.
You are versatile.  Children are as different as fingerprints, no two are the same.  If you are able to confidently manage their needs in a variety of settings, there are few situations you won’t be able to handle both socially and professionally.
Job recruiters and future employers know the benefits of making a hire who have these qualities, so be sure to include it in detail on your resume,  and don’t underestimate its value. 
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