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10 Questions Every Nanny Should Ask

Interested in finding a nanny job? The team at National Nanny has put together the following list of questions to ask a family you are considering working with. Prepare for your interview with our nanny job interview masterclass here.

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1. What are the children’s ages, personalities, separate needs, and interests? Please share their strengths and where there is room for growth.

2. What are the guaranteed hours and days of the week you expect me to work?

3. What are your expectations for my responsibilities with the children versus expectations and duties with household responsibilities?

4. What is the hourly rate or salary and is the pay rate different for any hours over what is agreed? Please share what rules there will be around planned and unplanned time off for us both, or when there is weather that makes it challenging to get to work.

5. Will you need me to drive the children as part of the job? If yes, will you provide a vehicle or gas and mileage when I drive my own vehicle? Please confirm that you have shared with your auto insurance provider that I will be driving your kids.

6. So that we can be on the same page, what is your overall parenting philosophy, what values are important to you as a parent? Please share the ways you expect me to be in alignment with these values.

7. What are your expectations for communication and how would you like me to keep you updated on
your children’s activities and progress?

8. Are there any medical or special needs that I should be aware of for your children and do I need any special training?

9. Do you have any pets that I would be expected to care for?

10. What are your expectations around screen time for your children? (If the kids are very young, what are your expectations around exposure to screens given how common they are in everyday use)?

By asking these questions, you can gain a better understanding of the family’s needs and expectations, and
determine if they are a good fit for you. The more care you take in the matching process, the greater the chances you will work together long-term.

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