Long-term Care

When you’re looking for regularly scheduled care for a minimum of 12 months.


Full Time Long-term Care

Typically classified as 40 to 50 hours per week, sometimes more. Overtime pay (see here) is expected for hours worked above 40 in one week’s time. A minimum of 12 months mutual commitment between the nanny and family is common. You will interview, hire, become the employer of the nanny, and pay a non-refundable placement fee to the agency upon mutual acceptance of the position.

Part Time Long-term Care

Typically classified as hours below 40 per week with a minimum of 25 hours per week. Schedules vary from several long days, to just mornings, or just afternoons. We do not accommodate split-shift or weekend schedules due to the variable challenges that part time searches present. A minimum of 12 months mutual commitment between the nanny and family is common. You will interview, hire, become the employer of the nanny, and pay a non-refundable placement fee to the agency.

How the Process Works


Schedule a Needs Analysis

A placement specialist will speak with you to learn about your family’s needs. A registration fee of $350 applies.


Interview Candidates

The recruiting team hand selects an average of 1-5 screened and qualified candidates for you to meet with.


Choose Who You Want to Hire

We’ll work with you to outline job duties and create an offer letter to present to the selected candidate.


Choose your Placement Package

We offer a variety of placement packages, choose the option that best suits your needs.


Ongoing Support

We remain at your service for Retention Counseling, training & support


What It Costs



Enrollment Fee (Non-Refundable)


Placement Package Options

We offer 4 options, see below for details

Market Salary

$20-$30+ /hour

Long-term Care Questions & Resources

We offer you the comparative advantage by swiftly and efficiently presenting you with qualified candidates who exceed market expectations. As a third party referral source we can screen in a way that you as the direct employer can not, thereby providing you with extensive data upon which to inform your hiring decision. We understand with time, effort and some luck you may find one of these candidates on your own. Theoretically, we find them for you a lot faster – or we already have them within our network. We also generally represent candidates who are not on the open market, so the applicants you are meeting through our agency are not likely to be ones you will find elsewhere. Every step of your search, we lend guidance to increase the value of our client’s selection process; from pre-interview to post-placement agreements and third party moderation should it be necessary. We do all the work for you including but not limited to job description, offer letter, employment agreement, and confidentially agreement drafting, and conducting independent performance reviews.

The first step is to arrange for a needs analysis. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $350. The information collected during this needs analysis will be used by the team to create a detailed job description for your assignment. Within 1-3 days of your enrollment, we will submit the portfolios of screened and qualified candidates to your family for consideration. Until you have made a hiring decision we will continue to offer candidates for review. We are very proud that most of our clients hire one of the first people we send them.
In the Seattle market we typically place nannies in the range of $20-30+ per hour for full time. We are currently seeing full-time annual salary ranges of $41,600-$62,400+ with benefits . The rate for part-time nannies is typically $24-28+ per hour. Standard compensation packages for full time placements include paid federal holidays, minimum two weeks paid vacation, mileage reimbursement (for job related driving). We advise on the tax benefits of offering health insurance to those candidates who seek this benefit, and we make referrals for tax and payroll, and health and retirement plans where applicable. *Part time nannies do not typically earn benefits.
We have a large pool of nannies on hand, so it’s possible that we can have you interviewing immediately and on the way to selecting a nanny within a matter of days or weeks. Our standard search time ranges from two to eight weeks depending on a number of variables, including your location, schedule, start date, and duties. Depending on current market conditions, our clients meet with between one and five candidates on average, before extending an offer. We are highly skilled at assessing client needs with speed and delivering potential candidates in record time; however we understand making the right match without being under pressure to do so is of paramount importance.

We begin screening nannies before we meet them. We require an online application and resume submission as a first step. From there we conduct a phone screen, make an online presence analysis and check the court system for any infractions. We then invite select candidates to complete an eight page application and a series of essay questions which read as an “interview on paper”. From there we invite the candidate to our office for a personal meeting. During this time we conduct an in depth oral interview, and make copies of identification and auto insurance. We then begin checking the references of the candidate, which are conducted by phone interview and transcribed into documents which are later shared with the potential employer. We schedule the nanny for a CPR/First Aid update if necessary and create a bio for their profile which includes photos, work history and references. We screen the candidates background to the greatest extent allowable by the Fair Labor & Credit Reporting Act which includes:
-Statewide Criminal Background Report in all states lived
-Driving Record Report
-Social Security Number Trace
-National Sex Offender Registry Clearance
-Education/Degree Verification
(Our exhaustive selection process eliminates a large number of applicants who apply to our agency). Our transparent screening process allows you the greatest amount of control you will ever have over the selection of who will be supervising your child(ren).

We service the greater Puget Sound area with a large volume of placements in Seattle (including North, South and West Seattle) and on the East side (Mercer Island, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Woodinville, Issaquah, Sammamish, and surrounding areas).

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