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Back Up Care is known as on-demand care, on-call sitters and temporary care. Get peace of mind by gaining access to childcare when your current plans fall through. Members can utilize this service either occasionally or consistently (hello, weekly date nights!). Common situations are; sick days, work days, evening engagements, and school/daycare closures. Since Back Up Care is a temporary/short term service, members are unable to conduct interviews and select their own candidates. However, our skilled team makes every effort to place a qualified caregiver into your home.

Did you Know?

Get to Know Your Caregiver

Prior to care, our staffing specialists will send you a confirmation which includes a bio of your caregiver. You’ll get to learn about their childcare experience and all that makes them a rockstar!

Book Your Favorites!

Care is booked on a first come, first serve basis. Our fill rate is high thanks to the flexible schedules of our caregivers. However, know that advance notice always increases your chances of securing care - especially when your kiddos have a favorite sitter!

How the Process Works


Learn About our Options

We offer two different membership plans. Choose the plan that fits your family’s needs.


Complete Membership Paperwork

Fill out the required document to activate your membership.


Book Care

Begin requesting care! 48 hours notice is recommended, but we know things happen at the last minute.


Talk to Us!

We require feedback after each care session. We want to hear about your experience - good or bad!



Book care for a future date!

What It Costs

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Backup Care Questions & Resources

Backup care is also known as on demand care, on-call sitters, and temporary care. Typically defined as needing 20 days of care or less in one month. You would utilize these services when your nanny isn’t available, your child is sick, when you’re called into work, when daycare or school closures/holidays occur or simply need a break.

Yes, the 2017 reporting threshold is $2,000.00. Families that pay any individual employee $2,000 or more during the calendar year will be required to follow the household employer wage reporting obligations as outlined in IRS Publication 926. If it is below $2,000, you are not required to report taxes. For the latest information and any questions you may have, speak with our tax & payroll specialist at HomePay by Breedlove by emailing homepay@seattlenanny.com.

Our Back Up Care caregivers are only responsible for the children’s needs. Please let us know prior to booking if you’re seeking additional household support

We begin screening nannies before we meet them. We require an online application and resume submission as a first step. From there we conduct a phone screen, conduct a social media and digital footprint analysis and check the court system for any infractions. We then invite select candidates to complete an eight page application and a series of essay questions which read as an “interview on paper”. From there we invite the candidate to our office for a personal meeting. During this time we conduct an in depth oral interview, and make copies of identification and auto insurance. We then begin checking the references of the candidate, which are conducted by phone interview and transcribed into documents which are later shared with the potential employer. We schedule the nanny for a CPR/First Aid update if necessary and create a bio for their profile which includes photos, work history and references. We screen the candidates background to the greatest extent allowable by the Fair Labor & Credit Reporting Act which includes:
Statewide Criminal Background Report in all states lived
Driving Record Report
Social Security Number Trace
National Sex Offender Registry Clearance
Education/Degree Verification
(Our exhaustive selection process eliminates a large number of applicants who apply to our agency). Our transparent screening process allows you the greatest amount of control you will ever have over the selection of who will be supervising your child(ren).

Yes, a cancellation fee will apply for any cancellations with less than 48 hours notice.



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