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Understand Your Coverage

We offer two different membership plans. Choose the plan that fits your family’s needs.


Complete Membership Paperwork

Fill out the required document to activate your membership.


Book Care

Begin requesting care! 48 hours notice is recommended, but we know things happen at the last minute.


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We require feedback after each care session. We want to hear about your experience - good or bad!



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Perkins Coie Benefit Questions

You receive an annual membership to our Back Up Care program and 24 hours of childcare. You can use your hours in blocks of 4, 6, 8 or 10. Don't worry about paying your caregiver, we take care of payroll, insurance, and taxes for you. Upon activating your benefit, you gain immediate access to our screened and trained providers who are able to provide care for your child(ren) on weekdays, evenings and weekends!

Yes! Once you use all your hours and until your membership is up for renewal, you automatically default to the fee structure of Plan B of our Back Up Care Memberships. Learn more about the plan here.

Your employer will cover all, but $125 of the annual enrollment membership (value of $500 plus associated daily and last minute booking fees). You are not responsible for paying the caregiver; your employer is sponsoring all associated fees with the first 24 hours of coverage (may be used in minimum blocks of 4 hours). Once you have used up the first 24 hours of care, you automatically default to the fee structure of Plan B of our Back Up Care Membership Program, learn more here.

Easy! Text/Call 425-803-9511 or email your request to Members only may make requests after hours by text. The hours are Monday-Friday 6am-9am and 7pm-10pm. Saturday and Sunday 8am-9am and 7pm-10pm.



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