Cortney Gibson

Cortney Gibson is a newborn care specialist, sleep consultant, and parent educator. Her clients, however, often refer to her as the “baby whisperer”, the “super nanny for babies”, or the “lady who saved our family”.

About Us

Cortney has been working with newborns and their families since 1997. She founded Gibson Newborn Services in 2004 and has expanded the company to accommodate the growing number of parents seeking her help.

Specializing in the care of preemies and multiples, Cortney has cared for dozens of twins, triplets, quintuplets, and even sextuplets. She is also considered to be a pioneer in the art of Early Sleep Teaching. As a Certified Happiest Baby Educator, Cortney teaches the soothing techniques of Dr. Harvey Karp to parents and caregivers all over the country.
Cortney has spent over 60,000 hours nurturing babies and caring for young children. She is one of the co-founders of the Baby Dream Team and holds a certificate in newborn care from the Alexandria School.

After joining the International Nanny Association in 2004, Cortney began serving on the Board of Directors in 2007. She currently chairs the NCS Committee and serves as Co-President on the Executive Board of Directors.

Cortney regularly presents workshops and webinars for parents and caregivers. She also contributes articles to newsletters, parenting websites and blogs. Cortney has been featured on Fox News, as well as the Today Show for her work with newborns.

If Cortney brings to her job as a Newborn Care Specialist the same energy, drive and quest for knowledge that she brought to the classroom, then any newborn infant and family of that infant would be lucky to have her in their lives.