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Does Your Child Love Your Nanny More Than You?

For busy parents, hiring a great nanny is a dream come true. But, if your nanny is as good as expected, the caregiver may begin to form a strong bond with your child. Sometimes, that bond can make you feel like your child prefers your nanny’s company to yours.

As a parent, you expect your child will love you above all else. Still, having your child adore the nanny might not be the worst thing. Below are some reasons why it might be good that your child loves your nanny.

Your Nanny is Doing a Great Job

One surefire way to know that you’ve hired a great nanny is how your child reacts to your nanny. Does your child get excited when your nanny shows up? Does your child get sad when the nanny leaves? The terrifying truth is you have no idea what goes on between your child and the nanny when you’re not around.

Children tend to get attached to adults that shower them with consistent kindness. The bond of trust that your child and nanny have can only develop if your nanny offers excellent care for your child. Your nanny’s ability to go above and beyond in your child’s care stems from the nanny’s genuine affection for your child.

Finding a nanny who loves your child as much as you do is like hitting the lottery. Such a nanny will be invested in your child’s well-being. So the next time your child cries for the nanny, remember your child can only love a nanny that loves them.

Your Child Listens to Your Nanny

Many parents agree that getting their children to cooperate is an uphill task. Regardless of age, children rarely want to do something they consider boring. Without the offer of a bribe or the threat of punishment, children only respond to adults they can relate to.

If your child has a bond of trust with your nanny, your child will listen when instructed to do something. Your child will eat when told, stay off the street, brush their teeth, and follow your rules. So instead of being upset that your child loves your nanny, be grateful that your child is cooperating with the person responsible for your child’s wellbeing when you’re away,

Your Child is Developing Healthy Attachment Styles

Your child’s bond with your nanny indicates proper emotional and psychological development. According to psychologists, children need to learn to form bonds to improve their chances of survival. Children first form bonds with their parents, then seek out more bonds.

If your child is attached to your nanny, the child feels secure enough in the bond they’ve formed with you to seek out more bonds. A strong bond also means that you have given your child the proper tools to seek love from other parties. Such a child will quickly bond with siblings, family members, and other children outside the home.

Theย theory of attachmentย further states that a child’s early bonds significantly impact their future relationships. Children who learn to form healthy attachments from a young age form meaningful friendships. These children have successful romantic relationships and have an easier time making friends.

It may be heartbreaking, but it is healthy that your child loves your nanny. A strong bond signifies that your child will thrive in future relationships.

So, the next time you feel your child likes your nanny more than you, be happy that you’ve found a caregiver who loves your child. Remember that your bond has given your child the ability to love the nanny. Because of this bond, your child will listen to your nanny when their safety is on the line. Your child will also be able to form healthy relationships with others well into adulthood.

Most importantly, remember that good nannies come and go, but you will always be the parent.

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